Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Michele Obama's words at the Metropolitan Museum

I was inspired by reading the words of Michele Obama as she cut the ribbon to open the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of art. I want to share excerpts with you and hope we can all spread these sentiments.

"...From the beginning of our nation, the inspired works of our artists and artisans have reflected the ingenuity, creativity, independence and beauty of this nation. It is the painter, the potter, the weaver, the silversmith, the architect, the designer whose work continues to create an identity for America that is respected and recognized around the world as distinctive and new.
....Our future as an innovative country depends on ensuring that everyone has access to the arts and to cultural opportunity. Nearly 6 million people make their living in the non-profit arts industry, and arts and cultural activities contribute more than $160 billion to our economy every year. And trust me, I tried to do my part to add to that number.
.... But the intersection of creativity and commerce is about more than economic stimulus, it's also about who we are as people. The President and I want to ensure that all children have access to great works of art at museums like the one here. We want them to have access to great poets and musicians in theaters around the country, to arts education in their schools and community workshops.
...The arts are not just a nice thing to have or to do if there is free time or if one can afford it. Rather, paintings and poetry, music and fashion, design and dialogue, they all define who we are as a people and provide an account of our history for the next generation. "

Sunday, May 17, 2009

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Tim Harding's work

I am at home looking at Tim Harding's CD of new works and thinking about how lucky I am to be able to thrill to his brilliant colors and masterful use of silks to create texture. Tim's abstract paintings are of the material rather than something applied to the material. Tim has been working with fiber ever since I can remember which must be at least 25 years ago. During that time he has experimented, and developed techniques that have been imitated by others but you can always tell the master. You can move into Harding's works and float suspended in a world of shape and color. I will have some of these new pieces in the gallery in a few weeks so watch for more images and plan to visit for this experience. I promise you will transcend the daily news, and your personal day to day grind.
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Friday, May 8, 2009

What is next!

I am surprised to find that I have not had anything to say for so long. So much has happened since I attended the Think Tank but I want to look forward and not recap my life since then. We are happily very busy at the gallery, getting prepared for SOFA WEST and Brent Kee Young's show all the same week in June. SOFA WEST ( Sculptural Objects and Functional Art) will be held in the beautiful new convention center in Santa Fe June 11- 14, 2009. Brent's show opens on Friday June 12 and he will do a demo on Saturday June 13 at the gallery. If you are even considering a trip to Santa Fe, this is the time to come. There are too many events to list here but I promise you that you can't help but have a wonderful time. The NM Museum Foundation has a list of possible activities to keep you busy. SOFA has an extensive list for VIP ticket holders (let me know if you would like a ticket, jsauer@jsauergallery.com) and the SF Gallery Association is getting in the act also. This city loves an art event and opens its arms broadly to say WELCOME. ART is the heartbeat of the city "different" and you will know you are some place unique the minute you arrive. After living here for over 10 years, I know I couldn't live anywhere else. It is a lifestyle choice, the scenery, the art, the people, the casual approach to life, the honesty of the land, and the architecture created from the earth, and most of all the fascinating people who choose to live here, sometimes at great cost to their professional life. No I do not work for the department of tourism but I could. The combination of SOFA and Santa Fe is unbeatable. Make your reservation at the Eldorado Hotel (official hotel for SOFA and walking distance to the Convention Center) Come and be rejuvenated by this magical place.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Think Tank

On March 18, I traveled to Asheville, NC to attend a Think Tank sponsored by the Center for Creativity in Craft. The attendees came from all segments of the craft/art community and the country. Before I left I thought "how can I be doing this when my mind and heart are on survival in this economy?" No, there were no tips on how to "make it" and I was rather immediately disappointed. I live in the world of practicalities and actions. I even surprised myself at how rooted in "today" I had become. As the weekend unfolded, I was able to reach higher (at least a little) and received more than I gave during the many heady sessions. As I flew home, I still questioned why I had been invited and how would I benefit. Present were 3 PhD's, 2 PhD candidates, several university department heads, professors that had distinguished themselves in some way, the head of a large foundation, a critic, a curator from a major museum, a Macarthur recipient, one studio artist and me. Home and immerced in the daily life of owning a gallery, I have been surprised at how many times I have referenced the conference, the times I have considered the discussions in my decision making process and how exhilarated I can be by processing the many side dialogues. I continue to share ideas born in the conference room with others in my community.
I am delighted to have the proceedings still drifting over me in the most unexpected and unintential ways. I have gained from the many people I became friends with and the road expereinces in the magnificent community of NC. It is a lesson in receptity to what is offered, not to expect immediate gratification or gain, and to take the time to actually think and listen to others outside of your narrow band of operation.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Geoffrey Gorman and I were on the Mayor's radio and television show this week. The discussion centered on the economic impact of the financial crisis on the arts in Santa Fe. The Mayor was very knowledgeable about the importance of the arts to this community and is open to creative ideas but he obviously can't change the world from here. Geoffrey is full of creative ideas like having a graffiti park or converting an empty building into studio and demonstration spaces for artists. We were heard and I am very impressed by the long view the mayor takes and the number of fronts that challenge him daily.
Geoffrey has created another figure since the show opened..."BLUE MAN". In my mind it is a comment on the fact that the New Mexico domestic partnership law failed to pass yesterday. The legislators surrounding Santa Fe voted "yes" but out of state were influenced by the New Mexico Catholic Bishop who publicly encouraged a No" vote.
Tickets went on sale today for a new opera "The Language of Birds". Geoffrey Gorman designed the sets. The opera will be performed Friday March 27 & 28 th at the Lensic Theatre in Santa Fe.