Friday, February 6, 2009

Geoffrey Gorman Show

I am getting ready for the first show of 2009, Geoffrey Gorman : "ANIMAL INSTINCTS", opening next Friday, Feb. 13. I am thinking about just how to install the show and who should be sitting next to who. Each of these guys has a personality and needs to be placed with friends. Yes, they do come to life if you are around them for any length of time. How else could you want to take home a baboon to live with you! I will post a couple of my favorities, which changes everyday.

Come back to the world of materials and enjoy these with us. Note I am not saying "materialism" but am referring to the joy of experiencing texture, color, form and creativity. It is stunning to think that someone can take the most mundane discarded pieces of daily life and create these lively creatures. How, in Gorman's hands, does junk become endearing?

Stay tuned because there are more images and thoughts to come.

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